About Betterplay.ai

Betterplay.ai is a project coming to revolutionize the way table tennis players and coaches analyze their games' videos. No more long forward and backward search for the moments you're looking for. Let the Artificial Intelligence help you in this process.

We're introducing the web based application. It's intended to enable the players, coaches and fans of all levels an easy and convenient way for the video analysis. It allows creation of the video clips upon a request as well as statistics extraction. You decide yourself how to use the tool. It can help in acquiring the insights from your game or practice video for further strengthening of your skills or improvement of your weaknesses. It can help in impressing your friends and family with the best moments of your game. In general, the goal is to enrich your capabilities to have more fun of our amazing game.

This is the beta version. We highly appreciate your readiness to try it and provide the feedback. The improvement will come along the way if we see many people use it, like it and some are even ready to invest.

Our goal is to build eventually something really exciting as can be seen in this commercial. Don't be confused by the fact the clip addresses the professional players and coaches. This is how we first evaluated the idea. We'd spoken with many players and coaches including the world top-10. After getting their endorsement we decided to hit the road. Hopefully, you'll join our enthusiasm.

Few words about myself. My name is Yuri Miroshnik. I'm a computer engineer and a vivid table tennis player. I'm far from being a champion, you'll probably beat me:) However, as every player, I try to improve my skills. Watching and analyzing my own videos for this sake. Luckily, this project lets me sharing two passions: the ML (Machine Learning) and Table Tennis.