How it works

This is beta version. It provides the service for FREE


1. You upload table tennis game video(s) →
2. processing →
3. emails you highlights clip(s)


Any video duration is supported. Yet, we recommend to provide every match/game in a separate file.

Note!!! Provide the full, untrimmed version. The tool breaks a game down to the rallies. Breaking rallies into elements will be enabled in the future versions.

All regular video formats are supported: .mp4, .avi, .flv, .MTS, .MOV (iPhone)

Any resolution is supported. However, the higher the resolution the longer will be the processing time. If you already have some video, go ahead and upload it. If you're starting a new capture, use HD (1920x1080) or lower (1280x720, 854x480). Your should mainly consider where you're planning to watch it.

Your name and email are used to send the clip

Choose options of what the clip will include

Upload from smartphone, tablet or computer

YouTube links or other storage systems are not supported currently. Download from YouTube, create your clip with and upload back to YouTube

Large video files upload can take long time. Try to ensure good internet connection


Your video is uploaded to the server

The sophisticated (patent pending) Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm breaks it down to elements

The highlights clip is compiled following the options you've chosen

Note: AI algorithm tuning is an ongoing process. We keep improving it with the data received from you


You receive email with the highlights link. (Please, check your junk email)

Watch it, download it, share in the social media or YouTube - it's your call

Try same video with different options

The output clip is kept for a week only. Hurry up to download it!

Note: the let serves are considered a regular rally


Our algorithm is trained for a variety of the camera angles, players levels and styles. The camera can be tripod installed or held by a hand - we know to handle the vibrations. If you have your own preferred angle you can try and see whether the results are satisfying. Note however that there are positions where AI usually yields better quality. If you don't have an experience in filming the games or ready to make adjustments, here is what we suggest.

Try placing camera as shown in this picture (an example shows right-handed players but the algorithm is not side limited):

Now tune the camera angles - vertically and horizontally. Try to meet the proportions recommended in this picture. Note the far side of the table should be visible through the net:

Note! If you're using a smartphone, switch to the airplane mode. Otherwise, the video capture can be interrupted by a phone call. You don't need it while you're playing anyways. Ensure you have sufficient battery charge and free memory. Although there are no limitations on the video duration, we recommend taking a film per a game.

Turn on the video recording. Go and enjoy the game!

Once you're done, stop recording. Now you can upload the video and wait for the results. Please, note that in the beta version, the processing can take as long as few hours, depending on how many videos are there in the line before yours