Privacy Policy

1. General

This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) constitutes an integral part of the Terms of Use and shall be read jointly with the Terms of Use using the definitions appearing in the Terms of Use.

The company, BetterPlay AI Table Tennis Ltd. is committed to respect the privacy of those using it website. In order to improve the protection of users the Company publishes this Privacy Policy and provides the information therein regarding the options available to the user when using the website and regarding the Company’s conduct in respect of collecting date from the website.

When using the website there can accumulate data on the mode the user’s use of the website among which are services in which he is interested, pages he surfed even if the Company currently does not intend to gather such information. Should the company decide to gather such information and notify by means of changing its Privacy Policy accordingly, then statistical information will be gathered without identifying the user personally.

The Company may change the provisions of this Privacy Policy from time to time. Should material changes be made to the provisions concerning the use of the personal information provided by the user it will be so announced on the company’s website.

2. Database and it use

The company’s website is designed to receive table tennis game video files from the user in order to generate a highlights clip video file from them. The information contained in each video file sent by the user to the Company is subject to the user’s orders for deleting it. Therefore, the Company does not warrant the truthfulness of the information contained in the video file sent to it by the user as well as its correctness, precisions, copyright in it, identity of those appearing in it, any right of photography, use, display or distribution in it, or any aspect which could be misleading in the video file sent by the user to the Company.

The only data gathered about the user is his email address and it is stored in the Company’s database. The Company warrants to use said database in accordance with its Privacy Policy and/or provisions of applicable law and for the following purposes:

• Allowing effective and convenient use for the user;
• Improving and enriching the Company’s game analysis algorithm and contents offered on the Website;
• Should you choose so in the future – to analyze and supply statistic information to third parties. In case this information is transferred to third parties the information will not identified with the user personally unless the client requested so in advance and in writing;
• Enforcing the Company’s Terms of Use;
• Providing the user services including sending a link to the game video file highlights clip generated by the company or sending mailings to the user with transferring the email address to the Company;
• Encouraging loyalty, analysis and statistic research, conducting surveys and any other use related to the user’s registration on the website;
• Internal needs such as without limitation needs of investigating complaints and/or audits;
• Operating, marketing and statistic needs including processing information and direct mailing to achieve these goals;
• For any other purpose described in the Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy.

It is known to the user that he is not legally obligated to provide the information and providing it is voluntary and consensual. In addition, the Company may, for the above-listed purpose to transfer from time to time unidentifiable, anonymous or aggregative information concerning the user’s activities within the website to bodies which could be partners to the Company’s operations and to any person providing services and benefits to users at the Company’s sole discretion.

As per the user’s due consent the Company may approach him from time to time by direct mailing for accepting proposals for various purposes of the Company provided within the user’s use of the Company’s services by direct mailing or social media as long as a message otherwise has not been received from the user at any time requesting not to do so.

3. Transfer of information to a third party

Circumstances in which the Company may share the information about the user with third parties:

• When the user permitted the Company to transfer his personal details to third parties;
• In case the user violates the Terms of Use or attempts to perform actions in contradiction with the law;
• In order to enforce the Terms of Use or other agreements or other policy;
• In response to a subpoena or other investigation demand, court order or request for cooperation from an enforcement authority or another governmental authority;
• In order to set forth or fulfill the Company’s legal rights;
• In order to defend against legal actions as required under applicable law. In such case the Company may raise or waive an objection or right available to it at its sole discretion;
• When the Company believes that such disclosure is appropriate in relation to the efforts to investigate, prevent or take other action concerning illegal activities, suspicion of fraud or other misdemeanor;
• In order to protect the rights, property or safety of the Company, its employees, clients, website users and others;
• In case of a dispute or any other problem which occurred with the users of the Website;
• In relation to a material corporate transaction such as sale of the company’s business, removal of investments, merger, consolidation or sale of assets or in case of winding up.

4. Cumulative and impersonal information

The Company may use the cumulative and impersonal information which it gathered under any of the above-mentioned circumstances. The Company may integrate impersonal information it gathered with additional impersonal information gathered from other sources. In addition, the Company may share cumulative information with third parties including consultants, advertisers and investors for the purpose of conducting general business analysis. Such information does not include any personal information and it will be possible to use it in order to develop content and service helping the user or the Company if the latter so chooses in order to adjust content and advertising for the user.

5. Third parties

In the future the Company may appropriate several places on the website where the user could click on a link to access links which are not subject to this Privacy Policy and are not related to the Company, without limitation, links of advertisers that may advertise on the website. These links may request from the user and/or gather information on him independently including personal information from the user and in certain cases to provide the Company with information on the user’s activity on these links.

Any third party to which the Company may disclose information to under this Privacy Policy could have its own privacy policy which describes how they use and disclose personal information. Such privacy policy will regulate the use, processing and disclosure of the user’s personal information after the Company shared it with such third parties as described in this Privacy Policy. Should you desire to obtain additional information on those third parties’ privacy policy, the Company encourages you to visit such third parties’ links.

Even though the Company is not engaged in it currently, the Company may allow third parties including its authorized service providers, consultants, advertising companies and advertising chains to display advertisings on the website. Those companies may use tracking technologies such as cookies (see below) in order to gather information on users who view or interact with their advertisings. Those companies’ use of cookies is subject to their privacy policy and to the Company’s Privacy Policy.

6. User’s choices in respect of information gathering and use

The user may choose not to provide the Company with certain information however this will lead to being unable to use certain futures on the website as such information is required in order for him to be registered for the Company’s services including joining as a subscriber for the Company’s services.

When the user registers for the Services and should he agree to receipt of direct mailing as described in the Terms of Use, the Company may, subject to applicable law, send him direct mailings, without limitation, emails messages and/or fliers on service updates, improvements, special offers or special content.

The Company may send the user various kinds of email messages such as service notices, advertisings and surveys. If the Company already transmitted information about the user to a third party before he changed his preferences or updated his information the user might be obligated to change his preferences directly vis-à-vis such third party.

7. Use of Cookies

The Company may use various technologies in order to gather information on the user and his activity on the website.

The Company may gather information automatically from the mobile device or browser of the user when he uses the website. This information may include the IP address, kind of browser and browser language, times of access and content of the cookies not deleted which the user’s browser received from the Company earlier and the address of the referring website’s address.

Cookies: when the user uses the website the Company may allocate for the user’s computer one cookie or more in order to allow access to the application and in order to adjust the online experience for the user. By using a cookie the Company may also gather information automatically about the user’s online activity on the website such as web pages he visits, links he clicks and searches he conducts on the website.

Most browsers receive cookies automatically however usually the user can change his browser’s settings in order to refuse cookies. Should the user choose to refuse cookies he is to pay attention that he might not be able enter or use some of the features offered within the website.

The Company may use a standard internet technology such as web beacons, analytics and similar technologies in order to track the user’s use of the website. In addition, the Company may include the aforesaid in email messages or fliers for sales promotion in order to determine if the messages were opened and if action was taken as a result of them.

Information the Company may so achieve can make it possible for it to adjust the services it offers for the user in order to make personalized advertisings and meter the general the efficacy of online advertising, content, programming or other of its activities.

8. Right to view and update information

Under the Law of Privacy Protection of 1984 every person has the right to view the information maintained in respect of him in the Company’s database. A user who viewed information on him and found that the information is not correct, clear or up-do-dated may contact the database owner requesting to correct and/or update and/or erase the information so maintained in respect of him.

It is clarified that information currently gathered by the Company in respect of the user is only his email address. This information is found in the user’s control and subject to changing by him. Therefore, the Company does not warrant the truthfulness of the information towards the user beyond its contractual obligations towards the user. Therefore, any such request by the user to correct, update or delete the information maintained on him shall be responded to subject to sending his request to the Company to the email address:

If the information in the Company’s database is used for personal reference to the user he may under the law demand in writing that the information concerning him be deleted from the information database. This demand will be executed within 10 business days following the date of sending the demand to the email address: