Many amateur or intermediate Table Tennis players believe that video analysis is only for Professionals. However, players of any level can benefit from video analysis to improve their game.

Just by watching yourself you will improve. The different perspective of your game from outside can be very revealing.

Video analysis can help you improve specific techniques but also look for trends and patterns in your play. Unforced errors are usually the big difference at any level.

Video analysis can be very time consuming. Usually only about 25-35% of the video is actual play, the rest is non-playing time. Our service makes this effortless by automatically cutting all the dead time.

Even if you’re not analyzing your videos, you can create highlights to impress your friends, club mates and share with your coaches. Our service can pick up the longest rallies automatically.

Want to produce highlights of Professional matches? No problem! Our service makes the process effortless even if the source video is a broadcast feed that has replays, closeups and commercials.

Our algorithm is the only one in the market that can analyze games from any angle - from behind the table (coach’s angle), umpire’s side or any other as long as the table and both players are visible. The coach’s angle is the only viable angle for most players to record their matches as most clubs and competitions don't have space to place a camera far enough on the umpire angle.

Our service works with all the most common video formats found on smartphones and modern cameras. It works very well with a different set of lighting and distance conditions.



AI無所不在,將AI結合在運動事件是個趨勢。 給我的感覺是”Smart” & “Professional” ,身為愛打乒乓球、喜歡欣賞乒乓球比賽的我覺得這個系統確實為我帶來了許多便利性,同時也讓比賽緊湊感更具體,值得大家去體驗!

AI is ubiquitous, and it is a trend to integrate AI into sports events. gives me the feeling of "Smart" & "Professional". As a person who loves to play table tennis and enjoy table tennis games, I think this system does bring me a lot of convenience, and it also makes the game more compact. Specifically, it is worth everyone to experience!

Vincent Hsu
★★★★★ has saved me hours, creating match videos. With just a few clicks, my match videos were edited down to just the important parts. Would highly recommend the service to all!


Bu gerçekten cok güzel bir servis. Kazandırdığı zaman yadırganamaz. Sadece youtube abonelerinizin sayısını arttırma da işe yaramakla kalmayacak, oyununuzu da muhtemelen daha da ileri seviyelere ulaşmasında yardımcı olacaktır.  Zira, kendi oyunlarınızı çok daha verimli seyredebileceginizden daha fazla özeleştiri yapabilecek duruma geleceksiniz. Deneyin.

This is indeed a great product and a true time-saver. It's extremely handy and useful, something I'd use almost all the time! I would not consider it as something that would improve only your subscriber base. Because it allows you to watch & learn from your own game in a much more efficient fashion, it should also help improve your table tennis level, Strongly recommending.

Haluk Karamete

En tant qu'entraîneur, l'analyse vidéo prend énormément de temps. Avec l'outil Betterplay, j'en gagne et c'est très facile de revoir son match afin de pouvoir repérer les points forts et points faibles de l'adversaire mais aussi analyser la technique de votre joueur. Je recommande le service Betterplay afin de trouver de nouvelles façons d'amener l'analyse vidéo avec vos joueurs

As a coach, the analysis video takes lot of time. With the tool Betterplay, i earn time and it's very easy to see again your match to analyze strength and weakness from opponent but also to analyze the technique of your player. I recommend it if you want to find new way in the analysis of your video

Ludovic Jaumotte
Coach de l'équipe première d'Issy les Moulineaux, France

בטרפלי היא הדור הבא של שיפור המשחק באופן עצמאי! אני לא יכול להדגיש מספיק כמה זה חשוב לצלם משחקים ולנתח אותם על מנת להבין על מה לעבוד כשעולים לשולחן האימונים. בטרפלי גורמת לכך להיות קל ופרקטי והיא למעשה העתיד של טכנולוגיית הספורט בטניס שולחן. זה חשוב מאוד לדעתי שאנשים יבינו כי צילום עצמי מאפשר זאת ובמקום להתאמן באותה הדרך במשך שנים ולהיות לא מסופקים מתוצאות המשחקים ומהתחרויות, פשוט יתקדמו לשיטת הצילום והניתוח וכך יוכלו להבין מה חסר להם במשחק! נסו להשתמש בבטרפלי בעצמכם ולהשתמש בטכנולוגיה לטובת שיפור המשחק שלכם, לא תתאכזבו. אני ממליץ על כך מאוד.

Betterplay is the next generation of self-improvement in table tennis! I couldn't stress enough how important it is to take videos of one's performance during matches and analyze them in order to progress and make efficient adaptations to the practice at the hall. With Betterplay it is easy and practical. It is the future of sports-tech in table tennis and it is very important in my opinion for people to realize it instead of just keep practicing the same way for years and being unhappy with the results of their matches and tournaments. Have a shot at Betterplay and see for yourself - I recommend it very much!

Guy Tsvi

Программа незаменима для всех теннисистов и тренеров, которые профессионально подходят к настольному теннису. Она позволяет сэкономить очень много времени, так как не нужно нарезать вручную розыгрыши. К тому же она помогает освободить очень много места на компьютере. Настоящий прорыв в области технологий!

The program is indispensable for all players and coaches having professional approach to the table tennis. It saves you a lot of time by omitting the need to manually cut the rallies. In addition, it helps to free a lot of disk space on your computer. A real breakthrough in technology!

Valeri Zonenko,
YouTube channel owner, Russia

Betterplay ha sido de gran utilidad para nosotros, ahorrando tiempo al analizar nuestros entrenamientos y partidos de torneos. Filmar los partidos ha mejorado enormemente nuestra técnica, ya se ha tornado costumbre: nos divertimos más y jugamos mejor.

Betterplay has been of great use to us, saving time when analyzing our training sessions and tournament matches. Filming the games has greatly improved our technique, it has become a habit: we have more fun and we play better.

Marcos Guglielmetti
Club Atlético Mariano Moreno, Junin, Argentina

Wenn du viele Spieler und kaum Zeit hast, ist das das beste Produkt, um Zeit für die Analyse von Spielen zu sparen.

If you have many players and no time: This is the best product to save time for analyzing games.

Christian Kaiser
Club and Private Coach, Germany

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