AI capabilities has developed a superior Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm enabling the analysis of a table tennis game in different situations: 

  • Filming angles

  • Illumination

  • Distance from the table

  • Player skills (from the world top 10 till beginners in all ages)

  • Singles and pairs

    The algorithm is being constantly improved by the techniques of unsupervised and supervised Machine Learning (ML).

    Players have their own habits where to place the camera to film their game. Some download the videos from the online streaming services to watch their favorite teams and players matches.

    The following are different examples the AI is capable to cope with.

    The following episodes were taken only from the videos uploaded by our service users.

    Demonstration of capabilities. Capturing game from changing angles and distance. Left-handed vs right-handed.

    Challenging angle. The camera was placed below the table plane.

     The most widely used classical coach angle

    The camera height can be lower. Players can be out of frame for few sec

    The camera can be installed in either corner of the court. The table is not at the frame’s center

    Some coaches and players prefer angle closer to the table center. The AI knows to deal with cases of the ball hidden by players’ bodies.

     Low camera position at the table level. Pairs game

     Half-side camera position

     Side angle

    Behind, side, coach angle and slow motion

    Some streams interleave the closeups and full court angle. We know to live with this.

    Close up, side angle and slow motion from high corner angle


    Filming a defender is a challenge – moves frequently out of the frame. AI is perfect

    AI knows to deal with far from the table camera position

    Video taken from a gallery during multi-table competition

    Usually table tennis is played in well illuminated halls. However, our AI is trained to succeed in different conditions


    The camera installed behind a net

    Video taken from a gallery without a tripod (shaking hand)

    Low camera position and a bit rotated. The closer player is mostly out of the frame

    Very low resolution

    Another table in front of the main one

    At the basement. Covid-19 lockdown times

    At the bathrooms store. We love our users playing anywhere

    Vertical smartphone position. Instagram era



    • gufjacotuli – Uwueube Ivavaey

    • omoqonirogu – Asuiywix Eroqit

    • enxavocigam – Ehulazuk Oyacege

    • ibipuzib – Alsuzuk Inubek

    • onimantebu – Ieyitobo Urucuht

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